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Johnston McCulley
Listing of Stories
Shipping Soon!  (New)
They have been shipped and you should be receiving them soon.  I received mine Saturday March 25th 2000
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Pulp Adventures is reproducing all of the  Johnston McCulley Zorro Stories.

Set to come out FEBRUARY 2000 RELEASE

Cat told me that they will be shipping in a few weeks.  Keep your fingers crossed.

VOLUME ONE of a series designed to  reprint all of JOHNSTON McCULLEY'S ZORRO novelettes and short stories  from the classic pulp magazines.

It has an Introduction by famed ZORRO comic author  DON McGREGOR

It also has a stunning new painted cover by JOEL F. NAPRSTEK


I was told that VOLUME ONE will contain the following.

-The ARGOSY years

-The novelette MYSTERIOUS DON MIGUEL -The Beginning of the WEST years -The original interior illustrations
-Gallery of the original pulp covers

I emailed them last night and this is what they told me also.

We're reprinting all of Johnston McCulley's original Zorro short stories
and novelettes in a multi-book series.  These have never seen print since
their first printing in the pulp magazines of 70 years ago!

Volume one will be shipping out to customers in February and Volume 2 will
be out before Christmas.  Volume 3 will be out early 2001, and if
necessary, a fourth volume will follow that.  Then perhaps the novels [The Curse of Capistrano (1919), The Further Adventures of Zorro (1922), Zorro Rides Again (1931), and The Sign of Zorro (1941).]

All will include a gallery of the original covers of the magazine issues that
had a Zorro story in them, plus the original illustrations that appeared
with the stories.

The size of the book is 8.5 x 11 inches and contains 128 pages

The ISBN number is 1-891729-20-9 - the price is as follows:

Book Rate Shipping is 17.50 
Priority Shipping is 18.20

Their Address is:

Pulp Adventures, Inc.
PO Box 45495
Madison, WI 53744
Phone-Fax : 608-270-9000

The name, visual likeness, and character of ZORRO is controlled by Zorro Productions, Inc., a
California corporation. Zorro Productions, Inc. is located in Berkeley, California.

The artwork  is the property of Joel F. Naprstek.
Pulp Adventures is the property of Pulp Adventures, Inc. Copyright ©2000

Permission to use the graphic granted by Cat. Thanks so much.