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Johnson McCulley Stories - Series 2
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Keep checking back here for the latest information on the second edition of Master Edition - Johnston McCulley's Zorro stories.  The below picture is directly linked to the original site.  The picture is stored at the original location.

Part 1

You must be psychic! I was just getting the update ready for e mailing this
upcoming weekend.  Yes, Z:TMEv2 began production a few months ago, with the
cover being determined and the artist's pencils going up for approval.  He is
hard at work painting it, while I, having managed to obtain a lot of the WEST
pulp issues I need (but still need more! Another reason for the mass email)
have started on the new templates.  Publication date to be determined by how
quick I can obtain those missing issues!

Part 2

Hi Billy!
Good news!  The cover art has been approved and the painting (on Canvas) is
here on my desk!  The canvas really makes the difference!  It's so
mesmerizing!  Michael (my cover guy) is picking it up on Friday-we've got a
meeting about it then-and redesigning the back cover.  I'll be using that
great color Zorro you have posted on your page that Joel Naprstek did as a
lark.  Things are ahead of schedule!!!  I should have a cover scan to post
before long.


Part 3

Hi Billy,
Thought I'd send out another Zorro update for you!
The cover painting is done and sitting here next to my desk.
Mike is coming over tonight with the printouts of the new cover with the logo
laid in, so hopefully I'll be able to post it tonight.
I updated the list of what I need on the website-a VERY helpful fan is
supplying me with a lot and I've picked up more from Ebay.
Here is a partial list of what definitely will be in volume 2.  By partial I
mean, these are what I know will fit so far, and will update the list for you
as I lay more into the template.  I'm just scanning up a storm here!
The list of stories so far:
Zorro Strikes Again
Zorro Saves A Herd
Zorro Runs The Gauntlet
Zorro Fights a Duel
Zorro Opens A Cage
Zorro Prevents A War
Zorro Fights A Friend
Zorro's Hour Of Peril
Zorro Lays A Ghost
Zorro Frees Some Slaves
and more !

Part 4

Hi Billy,
Thought you'd like to be the first to know-
I'm accelerating the Zorro schedule.
If all goes well, I might be able to complete the short story volumes in 2001


Part 5

Volume 2

Hoofbeats are getting louder.  Details coming as soon as I hear  :) 

shipped to retailers from the printer last week.  I picked up my copies today for shipping direct orders. I got the first shipment out this afternoon.  I will be shipping tomorrow and all this week.