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I received an e-mail yesterday. It was really early in the morning (7/21/98 around 7:30 a.m.) from a Lawyer named Ben Stoval.

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 10:00:46 -0400 (EDT) From: To: Subject: Zorro Websites

With the New Movie out Mr. Thomas, we reviewed your site and have found it in copyright infringement. You are currently using sound bytes on your site which is infringement of the copyright laws. We ask you to kindly remove the page that has this on it. Also, we noticed that with the New Zorro Episode guide you placed producion numbers on this information which leads me to believe that you took it from another site. Please take care of the following errors before legal action is taken on you.


Ben Stoval Manager of BenRogers Attorney at Law Service

a: Those production numbers were sent to me by the Family Channel themselves.

b: I'm not making any money on the sound bytes - it cost me money to put them up. Here's the situation. I have money going out but none coming in from them so there...........

c: My sound bytes page was up long before the movie.

Through my sources on the web and an extensive search yesterday. There is NO! I repeat no one by the name of Ben Stoval as a Lawyer. Whoever you are Ben Stoval, I call you hand. This is a scam of the worst kind and I assure you I'm making it known to those that have web sites up. I've already been in one internet hoax which caused the loss of a friend - if you are Nellie, I suggest you quit your hoaxing now. Some people may fall for this scam but not I.

Adios Ben Stoval or should I say Nellie. :)