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Posting Guidlines For the Zorro Loop

Copywrite 1998 by David Nesbitt and Billy Thomas

Due to some fans abusing our mailing list, (none of the current members, but fans of the past that have asked to be removed who sent remove me to the list is who I'm refering to.) the list is on moderate now. We are controlling what goes out and we ask you to follow some of the guidelines we have established..

  1. Absolutely no dirty language what-so-ever. We have kids on this list. Keep it clean.
  2. Absolutely no e-mails - I mean no e-mails saying remove me from this list is to be sent to the fans. If you wish to be removed, you can bookmark this page and return to it. Here you can e-mail David Nesbitt or Billy Thomas to be removed. Any e-mail, I mean any e-mail that says remove me (that is sent on the list) will be IGNORED.
  3. Absolutely no sexual related materials - keep it clean.
  4. Absolutely no private e-mails - people getting into fights like - hey quit writing me, you quit writing me. (we have already had that problem). If you wish to fight with each other, their address is in the FROM: You can bash heads, call each other names, box, black eyes and anything else you wish but don't do it at the expense of the fans. Keep it private. PRIVATE.
  5. NO sending messages over the list requesting an individual to copy a Zorro show for you. Do it privately - PRIVATELY. If I were to say, Sam, copy Walt Disney Zorro for me.  If I sent this to the loop, Sam would be VERY UPSET. Every fan in the world would want SAM TO DO IT. This is a private thing between you and SAM. Keep it that way. It's ok to tape for people but if we go HOG WILD over it and Zorro Productions heres about it they may be VERY Upset. Cause if you charge someone, you are in violation of copywrite laws. Keep it legal.
  6. If a message you sent to the list did not come out, you can ask me about it. Please keep in mind that if it did not meet with our guidelines then it was rejected.
  7. We are adults people. We know what is appropriate. What is wrong. We know what is expected of us. Keep it that way. Anything in violation of what David and I have set up will be ignored. WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE 1 OR 2 MUG WUMPS RUIN THE HAPPINESS OF THE FANS!
  8. NO ONE! But DAVID AND I are allowed to post to the private list - ZORRO2. If you receive anything from ZORRO2 - don't hit reply - we will not allow it out.

I hope that I do not have to add more to this page. If I see anything inappropriate, then I well remove that message from the list bank and add that rule to this page.

Billy Thomas