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Billy's Graham Kerr Page

One of my all time favorite chefs on television is Graham Kerr.    Graham Kerr is know as the Galloping Gourmet which can be seen on FoodTV.  Graham is a fantastic chef and comedian rolled into one.    You can visit his official site at Graham Kerr . Graham started out cooking rich and fattening food using clarified butter and herbs but once his wife had a heart attack and a stroke he changed his life style.  He switch from creating fat rich meals to lowfat rich meals using herbs as the basis to increase the flavor instead of fat.  I started watching is Graham Kerr show on the Discovery channel in the early 90's and was hooked.   I caught about everyone of  his episodes but missed some of his 1994 versions.    I have also missed some of his newer shows.  I watched the final Graham Kerr show last night on the Food TV and it was awesome.   He still plans on cooking but not in front of live television (no more shows).  But his legacy will live on through re runs of his show.   Keep watching Graham Kerr either as the Galloping Gourmet or in most recent low fat shows.  You will die laugthing and learn how to cook great food.  Graham Kerr's legacy will live on forever.

Thanks Graham for starting me off on my 120+ weight loss adventure. Billy's Weight Now

Billy Thomas
A devote fan.