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Copyright Information

Decided to do something different with the copyright thingy. Thougth I would make a separate page for this information that way I don't have to stick it on every page. Keep the boring information here :)  (you know what I mean) - Take Care!

The name, visual likeness, and character of ZORRO is controlled by Zorro Productions, Inc., a California corporation. Zorro Productions, Inc. is located in Berkeley, California. 

Special Note: All graphics, text and or music/sound bytes are done for entertainment purposes only (For Fun). I don't mean to infringe on any rights of the character, and or persons or business involved. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Billy

Healthy Choice icon is the property of ConAgra Inc.©1998 ConAgra Inc. I do not mean to infringe on their rights what-so-ever. Graphic is used for promotional reason only. Promotional meaning promoting healthy eating only and advertising of a great product. Healthy Choice food is awesome.

"The Brady Bunch" television show, characters, photos, and sound clips are copyrighted by Paramount Television and are used here for entertainment purposes only. I do not mean to infringe on any rights.

"Airwolf" - Images, Sounds, and Text are all copyrighted by Belisarius. It's done for entertainment purposes only and I do not mean to infringe on Belisarius's rights at all.

"Star Wars" Images, sounds and text are all copyrighted by © Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. My use of their images, sounds etc. is strictly done for entertainment purposes and does not mean to infringe on their rights. It's done for fun.