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A Division of W. C. Bradley Co
Post Office Box 1240
Columbus, Georgia 31902-1240
Phone (706)-571-7000 Fax 571-7029

This page is maintained by a fan only. I do not mean to infringe on any copyrighted material. This page is solely up for helping keep the briquettes going so people can enjoy the taste of real charcoal in a gas grill.

How many of you have a gas grill? How many of you miss the charcoal briquettes that produce the authenic charcoal flavor. Well stop your search. I found at a local TSC store a black bag of charcoal for the gas grills. The flavor was great. I have been searching ever since for replacements. Well I broke down and contacted the company that made them. You can order a catalogue right from them.

I hope to increase this page in the future so please come back and check for future updates. My catalogue should be coming soon so I will be able to place the ordering information on the site. Request your free catalogue. Address is listed below. Please keep in mind this is under construction.

Item Item number Price Shipping
Charcoal Briquettes - Mesquite Flavor 4184775 $10.99 $4.45
Charcoal Briquettes - Hickory Flavor 4184773 $10.99 $4.45