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Carpenter Sound Bytes
At the Request of a fan, I decide to include some songs of the Carpenters. These are not full blown versions of the song. Only about 1 mintues worth so you can get an idea. I don't mean to infringe on Karen or Richard copyright at all with this page. They had (together) the most wonderful melodies out there and they are my favorite music group. Through this page I hope to sale more Carpenter records and to keep the Carpenters in the spotlight. They were great in their melody and if Richard ever sees this page drop me a line Billy Thomas or use my e-mail form Billy

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Sing , Sing (Spanish)

I Won't Last a Day Without You

Close To You

It's Going to Take Some Time

Home for The Holidays

Honolulu City Lights

Make Believe it's Your First Time

Only Yesterday

Piano Picker - Richard Singing

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Top of The World (Singles of 1969-1973)

Top of the World (A Song For You)

Top of the World (Live in Japan)

Winter Wonderland

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Beachwood 45789 , One Fine Day , Do Run Run , Make Believe It's Your First Time (SOLO)

There's a Kind of Hush , The Night has a Thousand Eyes , Don't Be Afraid , Please Mr. Postman

Sweet Sweet Smile , Goodbye to Love , For All We Know , Jambayla (song) , Sandy

Jambayla Instrumental , Top of the World 1, Top of the World 2 , Top of the World 3

Those Good Old Dreams , Sailing On the Tide .

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