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Billy's Shows he Likes to Watch

The G and PG represents the shows audiences. The Websites are all rated G but the shows are rated as I have them here. Forever Knight might be the only exception. For example: The Website is G but the show Lois and Clark on TV is rated PG.

Links = G (General Audience)

Shows = are either G or PG

Ok, Ok = so I'm coming up 29 on Saturday, June 20, 1998 (born 69) but I love cartoons. I'm a kid at heart.

Airwolf Theme Song

Forever Knight

Lois and Clark

Incredible Hulk/V the Series - Special Note Incredible Hulk is rated G

Godzilla/Bionics/Scooby Doo/Cartoons - I'm partially fond of the old Japanesse Version and the cartoon.

Science Fiction

Other Shows

More Themes