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The Brady Bunch


Season One

#001-The Honeymoon It's the way they became the Brady Bunch! Wedding day festivities progress smoothly until the girl's pet cat Fluffy and the boy's dog Tiger wreak havoc on the family-blending ceremony. Mike and Carol commence their honeymoon by scolding their children, leaving everyone feeling uneasy about the day's events until Mom and Dad come up with a way to patch things up..

#002-Dear Libby Things get really frantic at the Brady homestead when Marcia reads an item in an advice column about a family exactly like theirs, in which one of the parents is extremely unhappy. Convinced the letter is written by one of their folks, the Brady kids unite to help save their clan.

#003-Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy An ecstatic Cindy gets the lead role in the school play, but is torn when she is allowed to only invite one parent to see her play the Fairy Princess. Brian Forster, future "Patridge Family" Chris, appears as an elf in the play.

#004-Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Long-time Brady housekeeper Alice begins to feel like a third wheel in the Brady household now that there's a new Mrs. Brady to take care of family matters. The Bunch cooks up a plot to let Alice know just how important she is.

#005-Katchoo Sadness befalls the Bradys when it appears Jan is allergic to Dad! Signs soon point to Tiger as being the cause of Jan's ailment which isn't much of a consolation to the Brady boys, who have had Tiger longer than they've had Bobby.

#006-A Clubhouse Is Not a Home The age-old boys vs. girls rivalry erupts when the boys are reluctant to share their clubhouse with their new sisters.

#007-Kitty Karry-All Is Missing When Cindy's favorite doll disappears, she fingers Bobby as the culprit. Things only get worse when Bobby looses his kazoo and blames Cindy.

#008-A-Camping We Will Go "Togetherness" is Dad's reasoning for inviting Carol and her girls along on their annual camping trip, even though the boys object.

#009-Sorry, Right Number Six kids and one telephone add up to high bills and short tempers until Mike has a pay phone installed in the family room. Allan Melvin makes his first appearance as Sam "The Butcher" Franklin.

#010-Every Boy Does It Once After watching "Cinderella" on TV and being asked to sweep out the fireplace by his new stepmom, Bobby gets the idea that he is unloved and unwanted. The hand-me-down-clad small-fry starts packing when his brothers and stepsisters don't include him in their plans and leave him at home alone.

#011-Vote for Brady It's the boys vs. the girls again when Greg and Marcia both decide to run for student body president. Family unity is sacrificed as the kids choose sides based on gender.

#012-The Voice of Christmas It looks like a gloomy first Christmas for the Brady family as Carol loses her voice to laryngopharynxitis and may not be able to sing at Christmas services. Cindy begs a department store Santa to make her mom well, causing Mr. and Mrs. Brady to worry about Cindy's psyche in addition to Carol's voice. Hal Smith (a.k.a. Otis the Drunk from "The Andy Griffith Show") appears as Santa.

#013-Is There a Doctor in the House The Bradys face a medical crisis when the kids come down with the measles. A house full of cranky kids is bad enough, but tensions mount when Carol calls Dr. Porter (a woman!) and Mike employs Dr. Cameron (a man!) to care for the bespotted bunch. Marion Ross (Mrs. C from "Happy Days) and Herbert Anderson ("Dennis the Menace's father) appear as the last two doctors on the planet to make house calls.

#014-Father of the Year Marcia enters her new dad in a newspaper contest for "father of the year," but gets herself grounded for breaking house rules to make the late-night deadline. Marcia nearly explodes keeping in her little secret, even after being told she can't join the family on a weekend skiing trip.

#015-54-40 and Fight Another boys vs. girls crisis erupts as the Checker Trading Stamp Company announces it is going out of business. The boys have 40 books of stamps and the girls have 54, and with only one week to cash them in (along with Alice's secret stamp stash), they realize only by combining books will they have enough to get their coveted fishing boat or sewing machine. Since they can't decide on an item that all will enjoy, they enter into a brutal, winner-takes-all competition.

#016-Mike's Horror-Scope Carol reads Mike's horoscope about a strange woman who will come into his life. Enter Beebe Gallini, the glamorous head of a cosmetics firm, who hires Mike to design a new factory in the shape of a powder puff. Guest appearance by bombshell Abbe Lane.

#017-The Undergraduate Greg is failing math and appears to be out of his teenage mind until Alice discovers a love note he wrote to a mysterious "Linda." Mike and Carol attempt to resolve the teen trauma by trying to find out who Linda is. Guest appearances by Gigi Perreau and famed L.A. Dodger, Wes Parker.

#018-Tiger! Tiger! A group depression sets in as Bobby discovers Tiger, the family dog, has run away. A tragedy always brings out the best in the Bradys, as they join forces to find their lost pet.

#019-The Big Sprain While Carol is out of town, Alice trips on a set of Chinese checkers and sprains her ankle, leaving Mike to manage the household. Feeling guilty about causing her to miss the Meatcutters Ball provides the impetus for the kids to snap into action, taking over the gargantuan task of home maintenance the Brady way.

#020-Brace Yourself Marcia's world is destroyed when she gets braces. Her self-esteem is crushed and she now feels "ugly, ugly, ugly!" in spite of her family's assurances. Marcia sinks to the lowest depths of pre-teen angst when her date to the school dance cancels on her, inspiring the family to rush to her aide with such ego-boosters as compliments and arranged dates.

#021-The Hero Peter has his first bout with personality defects when he goes egomaniacal after saving a girl from being crushed by a falling shelf in a toy store.

#022-The Possible Dream Marcia is mortified when Cindy accidentally gives her diary to a used book drive. Marcia may never speak to her youngest sibling again, until Alice comes up with a groovy way to cheer her up. Guest stars Desi Arnaz Jr. as himself.

#023-To Move or Not To Move Six kids and one bathroom prompt the Brady's to consider moving to a bigger house. Being a sentimental lot, the kids conspire to prevent their house from being sold.

#024-The Grass Is Always Greener Mike and Carol switch roles for a day to settle whose jobs are hardest. Mike helps the girls with their cooking project and Carol bones up on baseball with the boys. Everyone ends up a little wiser as well as exhausted.

#025-Lost Locket, Found Locket Jan receives a mystery locket in the mail from an unknown admirer. In the midst of the mystery of who sent the locket, a bigger mystery emerges as the locket vanishes.

Season Two

#026-The Dropout After famous ballplayer Don Drysdale visits the Brady house, Greg battles a bloated ego and decides to drop out of school to play baseball. Delusional after Drysdale's remarks about his pitching ability, Greg is in for a hard lesson in reality.

#027-The Baby-Sitters Offended that Mom and Dad are looking for a baby-sitter, Greg and Marcia talk their parents into letting them take charge for the night.

#028-The Slumber Caper The Brady abode is abuzz with excitement over Marcia's first slumber party, until her school principal calls with a problem and the party is canceled. Marcia denies any knowledge of her accused wrong doings. Robert Reed's former "Defenders" co-star E.G. Marshall guest stars.

#029-The Un-Underground Movie A creative school project has Greg and the whole family making a movie about pilgrims.

#030-Going, Going ... Steady Marcia is infatuated with Harvey Klinger, a boy who is more interested in bugs than girls. When the family helps her get the boy interested in her, they regret it when they decide to go steady and worry she is growing up too fast.

#031-Call Me Irresponsible Greg gets a part-time job at his dad's architectural firm so he can buy a car to impress his favorite chick, Randy. When he loses some important designs on the first day, Dad must intervene to give Greg a second chance.

#032-The Treasure of Sierra Avenue Bobby finds $1100 while playing football and his decision to share the money with his brothers divides the family. The girls want to be included in the division of the find as well, and everyone loses sight of the bigger picture: what about the person who lost the wallet?

#033-A Fistful of Reasons Peter takes on Buddy Hinton, a bully who taunts Cindy about her speech impediment.

#034-The Not-So-Ugly Duckling Jan has a crush on Clark Tyson, the best looking boy in her class. When Clark goes ga-ga over Marcia, Jan decides to invent a boyfriend to save face.

#035-The Tattletale Cindy's tattling is driving everyone nuts, including Alice, who has a spat with her boyfriend Sam because of something Cindy says.

#036-What Goes Up... Peter gets his guy pals to let his little brother join their tree house club until Bobby falls and develops a fear of heights.

#037-Confessions, Confessions Peter is sure his weekend camping trip will be canceled when he breaks his mother's favorite vase while playing ball in the house. Greg and the others decide to cover for him, but too many confessions spoil the plan.

#038-The Impractical Joker Jan becomes a practical joker and learns a valuable lesson when she loses Greg's pet mouse during one of her not-too-funny stunts.

#039 - Where There's Smoke Jan and Marcia see Greg smoking and Marcia rats him out to their parents. Greg cops to his crime and says he won't do it again, but is in deep guacamole the following day when a pack of cigarettes falls out of his jacket pocket.

#040 - Will the Real Jan Brady A personality crisis hits Jan when she believes she's lost in the middle as the second of three blond daughters. She devises a plot to become more noticeable by buying herself a brunette wig. Marcia Wallace guest stars as the store clerk.

#041-The Drummer Boy A musical dilemma dawns as Bobby's interest in drumming drives the family out of the house. At the same time, Peter's manhood is challenged when he joins the school choir. Macho LA Rams lineman Deacon Jones guest stars as himself.

#042-Coming Out Party Carol and Cindy's swollen glands threaten to ruin the weekend when they develop tonsillitis before a Brady trip on Mike's boss's boat.

#043-Our Son, the Man Teenager Greg insists that he needs privacy - and his own bedroom. Greg turns Mike's den into a mod pad and learns a lesson on what real maturity means.

#044 - The Liberation of Marcia Brady Marcia speaks out for women's lib on TV, and challenges Greg's sexist attitude by joining his scout troop. The boys retaliate by having Peter join Marcia's Sunflower Girls troop.

#045-Lights Out Cindy fears the dark after seeing a magician's assistant disappear. Mike and Carol hope working with Peter in his magic act for the school talent show will help her overcome her phobia.

#046-The Winner Bobby feels like a loser and becomes a frantic competitor when he discovers he is the only Brady without a trophy.

#047-Double Parked The women and children rally to save the same neighborhood park that Mike has been commissioned to turn into a courthouse.

#048-Alice's September Song Alice is swept off her feet by an old flame named Mark Millard and Sam the butcher (her usual bowling date) smells a rat. With the help of Mr. Brady, he wins back his "favorite little lamb chop."

#049-Tell It Like It Is Carol's magazine article about the family receives mixed reviews.

Season Three

#050-Ghost Town USA Part 1 The Bradys camp in an old deserted mining town after getting a late start on their vacation. There they meet Zaccariah T. Brown, a grizzled prospector who suspects they have come to jump his new gold claim. Guest stars Jim Backus.

#051-Grand Canyon or Bust Part 2 The Bunch is left stranded in an old ghost town and eventually make their way to the Grand Canyon where Bobby and Cindy get lost.

#052-The Brady Braves Part 3 Cindy and Bobby are aided by an Indian boy named Jimmy Pakaya when they get lost at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The Bradys get the opportunity to return the favor by helping the boy work out some family problems of his own.

#053-The Wheeler-Dealer Greg's buddy Eddie cons him into thinking the old convertible he sells Greg will be easy to fix up. Greg learns an expensive lesson as he becomes a slave to the wreck.

#054-My Sister Benedict Arnold Greg feels Marcia has betrayed him by dating his athletic rival, that crumb Warren Mullaney. Greg retaliates by dating her nemesis, a cheerleader named Kathy.

#055-The Personality Kid Peter is bummed after he is told at a party that he has no personality and launches a campaign to create a new character for himself. Eventually, Peter discovers the key to happiness lies in being himself.

#056-Juliet Is The Sun After a nervous Marcia is cast as the lead in a school production of "Romeo and Juliet" the family convinces her that she is "beautiful and noble." Marcia's ego gets so whacked that everyone regrets helping her out, and her bad attitude gets her kicked out of the production.

#057-And Now a Word from Our Sponsor The Bradys are chosen to star in a soap commercial, but things get sticky when they question the validity of the product's claims as well as their own acting ability. Paul Winchell guest stars.

#058-The Private Ear When Peter causes trouble by bugging the kids conversations with Mike's tape recorder, the other kids unite to avenge Peter's wrongdoing.

#059-Her Sister's Shadow Jan is plagued by the always perfect "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia." She attempts to outshine her overachieving sibling to disastrous results, but Jan ultimately surprises everyone with a remarkable act of selflessness.

#060-Click After convincing his mom to let him join the football team, Greg is benched by injury. Not one to sit on the sidelines, Greg picks up a camera and becomes the team's photographer - eventually becoming a hero with his craft.

#061-Getting Davy Jones Marcia brags to her schoolmates that she is president of the Davy Jones fan club, and promises to get him to sing at her school prom. Teen-age melt-down occurs when she can't get near the luminary to ask him to perform. Marcia Wallace (a.k.a. Carol from the "Bob Newhart Show") has her second guest appearance as Miss Robbins. Davy Jones appears as himself.

#062-The Not-So-Rose-Colored Glasses Jan, not wanting to look "positively goofy," causes a catastrophe when she fails to wear her new glasses.

#063-The Teeter-Totter Caper Excluded from an invitation to an aunt's wedding, Bobby and Cindy try to set a new teeter-totter record to show that little kids should not be ignored.

#064 - Big Little Man Annoyed when Sam calls him "Shrimpo," Bobby tries exercises to make himself taller. It's not until he is able to put his diminutive stature to use that Bobby realizes his own self-worth.

#065-Law and Disorder Bobby becomes very unpopular and a little too officious when he decides to be the best safety monitor in school.

#066-Dough-Re-Mi Greg dreams of getting rich with a song he wrote, but needs $150 to pay for the recording session. Peter suggest that the six Brady kids all chip in and do the vocals (since family groups are so successful) but his plans goes sour when Peter's voice changes and they can't reset the recording date.

#067-Jan's Aunt Jenny Jan is ecstatic when she discovers an old picture of her look-alike Aunt Jenny in the attic. She is mortified when she meets the eccentric old globetrotter in person a few weeks later and thinks she's homely. Jan learns the meaning of "you can't judge a book by its cover" as she gets over her judgmental condemnation of her self-confidant and worldly Aunt. Guest stars Imogene Coca.

#068-The Big Bet It's the "Tortoise and the Hare," Brady style! Greg bets Bobby he can do twice as many chin-ups ... and the loser must do everything the winner says for one week.

#069-Power of the Press Peter becomes "Scoop Brady," and uses his column in the school paper to win friends and influence people.

#070-Sergeant Emma Alice's cousin Emma takes Alice's place for a week and runs the family ragged. Emma is also played by Ann B. Davis.

#071-Cindy Brady, Lady Mystery and intrigue surround this episode where Cindy has a secret admirer, whose identity turns out to be a surprise even to himself.

#072-My Fair Opponent Marcia plays Henry Higgins to plain Jane, Molly Webber. Things get really ugly when Marcia has to compete against her creation for Jr. Banquet Night hostess.

#073-The Fender Benders Carol's minor accident in a parking lot turns into a court case. To make matters worse, Bobby and Cindy fear they will have to testify against her. Guest stars Jackie "Uncle Fester" Coogan.

Season Four

#074-Hawaii Bound (Part 1) Mike is able to take the entire family to Hawaii to check the construction of a building he designed. The Bradys tour the island and the boys get involved with an ancient tabu. Guest stars Don Ho.

#075-Pass the Tabu (Part 2) Greg is saved from drowning and bad luck continues to plague the Bradys. The boys decided to return the idol to the ancient Hawaiian burial grounds to break the spell.

#076-The Tiki Caves (Part 3) The boys return the tiki they found to the burial cave, where they meet Professor Whitehead, who believes they intend to steal his latest "find." Guest stars Vincent Price.

#077-Today I Am A Freshman Nervous about entering high school, Marcia decides to sign up for every club on campus.

#078-Cyrano de Brady Peter calls on Greg's help in winning the girl of his dreams, but the plan backfires when she falls for Greg.

#079-Fright Night The Brady kids learn a valuable lesson after trying to outfrighten each other by haunting their own house.

#080-The Show Must Go On The whole family gets into the act as Marcia talks Mom into appearing with her in the high school "Family Night Frolics." Brady Theme writer Frank DeVol has a cameo appearance.

#081-Jan, the Only Child Jan goes through yet another personal crisis when she wishes she were an only child. The others oblige her wishes, keeping her out of their plans for an upcoming hoedown.

#082-Career Fever Mike is thrilled to read a school paper Greg wrote about pursuing a career as an architect. But Greg doesn't have the nerve to confess he isn't really interested in following in his father's footsteps.

#083-Good-bye, Alice, Hello The kids all gang up on Alice when they think she is ratting them out to their folks and railroad her right out of the Brady house. Realizing what a mistake they've made, the kids plot to win her back.

#084-Greg's Triangle Jennifer, Greg's new steady, is Marcia's competition for head cheerleader of the high school. Greg is head of the judging committee, and has to face a difficult decision. Guest stars Rita Wilson (Mrs. Tom Hanks).

#085-Everybody Can't Be George Washington Peter is put off by being cast as Benedict Arnold in a school play. Not wanting to portray the famous traitor, he decides to get himself kicked out of the production rather than face the challenge.

#086-Love and the Older Man Marcia develops a crush on her dreamy new dentist, Dr. Vogel. She believes that the feeling is mutual when she misinterprets his interest in her as a baby-sitter.

#087-Greg Gets Grounded Greg is banned from driving the car for one week after a near accident on the freeway. He really gets in hot water when he enters into an agreement to use "exact words" with his parents in a feeble attempt to reverse their decision.

#088-Amateur Nite When Jan cluelessly adds an engraving to their parent's group anniversary gift, a silver platter, she ups the price by $45. When the kids realize they don't have that kind of money, they enter a variety show contest as a singing group named The Silver Platters in an attempt to win their deficit.

#089-Bobby's Hero Mike and Carol are asked to meet with Bobby's principal, who informs them that their youngest has made a hero out of outlaw Jessie James. Mike sets out to change his son's opinion of Bobby's nefarious idol by exposing him as a cold-blooded killer.

#090-The Subject Was Noses Marcia breaks her date with Charley to go out with Doug Simpson, the most popular boy on campus. She gets a dose of her own medicine when Doug cancels their date after she is smacked in the nose by a flying football.

#091-How to Succeed in Business Peter's bloated self worth gets him into trouble again. This time, he gets a job with repairing bikes and tells his family that he is doing great, when in actuality he's driving his boss crazy and is about to be fired.

#092-The Great Earring Caper Cindy loses her mother's favorite earrings and enlists super sleuth Peter's aid in finding them.

#093-You're Never Too Old The kids try to match up Mike's grandfather and Carol's grandmother, played by Robert Reed and Florence Henderson.

#094-You Can't Win 'Em All More damaged Brady egos emerge when Bobby and Cindy vie to appear on a TV game show.

#095-A Room at the Top Marcia and Greg clash yet again as Mike and Carol each promise them the attic for a bedroom without the other's knowledge.

Season Five

#096-Adios, Johnny Bravo The Brady kids audition their act for a television amateur show and Greg is spotted by a musical agent who wants to sign him. Everyone is bent out of shape when the agent doesn't want all of the Bradys, just Greg, who has a lot of decisions to make about his future.

#097-Mail Order Hero Bobby tells his friends he and legendary football hero Joe Namath are friends and then is called to deliver.

#098-Snow White and the Seven Bradys The Bradys stage a benefit performance in their backyard for Cindy's teacher. The teacher is played by Frances Whitfield, the cast members' real-life on-set teacher.

#099-Never Too Young Millicent gives her hero Bobby a kiss for defending her at school, but later reports that she has the mumps. Bobby fears he may have to admit to the family he's been kissing more than basketballs. Millicent is played by Melissa Sue Anderson.

#100-Peter and the Wolf Peter poses as Greg's older friend when Greg can't get a date for his girlfriend's cousin. The whole wacky plot backfires when their charade is uncovered in front of their parents who are entertaining a visiting client.

#101-Getting Greg's Goat Greg secretly hides the rival school mascot (a goat named Raquel) in his bedroom.

#102-Marcia Gets Creamed Marcia, Jan, and Peter all get jobs in an ice cream parlor, which scoops up some major sibling rivalry.

#103-My Brother's Keeper Peter offers to be Bobby's slave after being saved from a falling ladder. The fur starts to fly when Bobby takes advantage of his older brother's generosity.

#104-Quarterback Sneak Greg's football rival dates Marcia in order to steal Greg's play book. Everyone learns about morality when Greg and Marcia team up to retaliate against the dishonest suitor.

#105-Try, Try Again After bombing out in ballet class, Jan realizes she is a klutz and is not really good at anything. Her self-esteem hits new lows as she attempts tap dancing, baton twirling and acting to miserable results. Once again, Jan is rescued by her own hidden inner talent.

#106-The Cincinnati Kids (AKA The King's Island Show) The Bunch visits a new amusement park in Ohio, where Jan accidentally loses Dad's important blueprints.

#107-Miss Popularity Jan will stop at nothing to be voted "most popular girl" at school, but really blows it when she renegs on her campaign promises.

#108-The Elopement When Marcia and Jan overhear Alice arranging a secret date for Saturday night they are convinced that Alice is eloping with Sam the butcher.

#109-Kelly's Kids Jim and Kathy Kelly, the Bradys' new neighbors, adopt eight year-old Matt from an orphanage. Matt likes his new home, but misses his two friends, Dwayne and Steve, so the Kelly's decide to adopt them too, even though they are racially mixed. Guest stars Ken Berry and Brooke Bundy.

#110-Out of This World UFO fever overwhelms the Bradys as Peter and Bobby think they see an alien spacecraft hovering over their house. Guest stars former astronaut James McDivitt.

#111-The Driver's Seat Marcia bets Greg she can outscore him on her driving test.

#112-Welcome Aboard Robbie Rist joins the cast as Carol's nephew Oliver. After a series of improbable accidents, the other kids decide he's a jinx.

#113-Two Pete's in a Pod Chris Knight takes a dual role as Arthur, a new student at Fillmore Jr. High who looks exactly like Peter. Pete is in double-trouble when he ends up with two dates on the same night because of his twin.

#114-Top Secret Over-imaginative Bobby and Oliver are convinced that Sam, in addition to being a butcher, is also a spy.

#115-The Snooper Star Cindy gets the notion that everybody in the family is talking about her, and enlists the aid of Oliver to find out what everyone is saying. Aware of this, Marcia decides to bait her little sister with an entry in her diary about contacting a talent scout about the little snoop. Natalie Schafer guests.

#116-The Hustler When Mike's boss rewards him with a pool table, Bobby discovers his talent for the game. He dreams of becoming a professional pool shark much to the dissatisfaction of his parents. Guest stars Jim Backus.

#117-The Hair-Brained Scheme Bobby is convinced he is going to strike it rich by selling hair tonic and goads Greg into buying a bottle. With Greg's high school graduation only days away, disaster strikes when the cheap goop turns his hair orange.