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8 Steps to Lowering Your Blood Pressure
Follow these steps to lower your blood pressure:

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  1. Take regular prescription medicine
  2. Take a garlic pill (with your prescription medicine)
  3. Take an asprin as well with it.
  4. Drink Prune Juice
  5. Followed by 10 - 10oz glasses of water throughout the day (100oz total)
  6. 30 - 60 minute walk everyday
  7. Get a handle on stress
  8. Change diet

Explanation:   With a glass of prune juice, take your regular prescription medicine with a garlic oil pill and an asprin.

Asprin and garlic oil promotes healthy circulation.

Why Prune Juice?

Some high blood pressure medicines are fluid pills.  They remove the excess fluid from your body which inturn will lower blood pressure.  Fluid pills have a bad habit of depleting potassium a vital mineral that the body needs.  Prune juice is very high in potassium.  Most blood pressure medicines will also cause you to be constipated.  Prune juice is high in fiber which promotes regularity.  Some medicines require that you take it with food.  Prune juice can act as a high fiber, potassium rich food replacement.

Right before your walk take your medicine, garlic oil pill and asprin with a glass of prune juice followed by a 10 oz glass of water.   Now you are ready for your 30 - 60 minute walk.

That's all there is to it.

Stress is another factor - I hate to sound mean in this statement but with stress you are going to have to develop an attiude to some things.  We (society) has a habit of worrying about this and that.  Things we have no control over.  Develop an  attiude to non important things -  "who cares attitude?"

I know a few who almost have a heart attack over missing a garbage truck for example.  Who cares?  catch them next week.

Foods - If you have trouble with creating low fat meals then I recommend Health Choice foods.  Cut out the fat.  The fat counter is the best source of counting fat and calories.  Steaks - trim the fat and throw it away.  Chicken skin - get rid of it.  Graham Kerr

Recommentations  - no more than 1400 calories a day with 25 grams of fat = 16% of the calories come from fat.     25g * 9 fat calories =  225/1400    max fat 40 grams.

Steps to lower fat

  1. Buy the lean hamburger meat - 93% or greater lean  (garden burgers are delicious)
  2. Steaks - if your steak has fat on it - trim it before you fry it  unless  you are grilling on a gas grill. Grilling your steak - leave the fat on  while cooking - this fat can be used to add smoke flavor on your gas grill.  The fat heats up, grease drips down causing smoke.  After the steak is done the fat has served its purpose - trim the cooked fat off and throw it away.  Never eat it.  This can be used for pork chops as well and chicken breast.  Chicken leave the skin on while cooking and then after it's done get rid of the skin.  Never eat the skin.
  3. Follow the lower fat recipes on cakes and deserts.  Instead of oil add apple sauce.  Instead of eggs - add egg beaters.
  4. Use skim milk in cooking
  5. Bake french fries in stead of deep frying.  Onion rings and tator tots - bake them.
  6. Increase salads (vegetables) - use fat free dressings, increase vegatbles, decrease meat.
  7. Buy lower fat or fat free products.
  8. Use a cooking spray
  9. Buy fat free hotdogs
  10. Buy George Foreman's Lean Mean grilling machine (Walmart, Kmart etc.)

Reducing sausage fat  (20 grams reduced down to about 5 grams)

  1. 2 oz (serving size) has about 20 grams of fat - only cook 1 oz at a time.
  2. George Foremans grill - fat drips down in a tray thereby reducing 10 grams  to 5 grams of fat.

Remember to walk eveyday - 30 - 60 minute walk.

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