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Blood Pressure Suggestion
If by any chance you are on a fluid pill (water pill) for your high blood pressure, let me make a healthy suggestion for you.

Drink 1  8oz glass of Prune Juice.


2 Reasons

  1. A fluid pill will deplete you of potassium a vital nutrient that you need. Prune Juice is high in Potassium around 540 mg per  cup (8 oz).
  2. When you remove fluid from your body, you will become constipated.  Prune Juice is high in fiber.
I would also suggested that you take a  fiber therapy program like metamucil.  Three  teaspoons daily followed by 10 glasses of 8 oz of water.   Each should be taken after 3 meals.  Take 1 teaspoon after Breakfast, one after supper, and one when you go to bed.

Healthy diet - check out Richard Simmons "FoodMover package".  It tells you the right proportions of starches, protein, fruits and vegetables to eat.