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Special Note: I had a little problem with this poll. This particular place has some bugs in it. It would not let me spell Barry Van Dyke last name right. I apologize for any mispelling of Barry's name. It was not intentional. Kept telling me it was offensive and dirty. I even checked the dictionary and could not see how it was either. Anyway Barry, this mispelling of your name was caused by a crazy computer system. Sorry. Billy. P.S. I think, after I cut and pasted it on this page, that I was able to fix it.  If so, then disregard this statement. :) The only way I could spell it was Dike.
JMV = Jan Michael Vincent and BVD is Barry Van Dyke.

Airwolf Original or Airwolf New

Favorite Airwolf

Airwolf - JMV
Airwolf - BVD

Current Results

Airwolf Character

Favorite Airwolf Actor or Actress

Jan Michael Vincent
Barry Van Dyke
Geraint Wyn Davis
Earnest Borgine
Jean Bruce Scott
Michelle Scarabelli
Alex Cord

Current Results